Young Professionals of Brevard

Young Professionals of Brevard (ypB), is the premier program in Brevard County dedicated to career-minded individuals, who are interested in expanding their professional and social networks and participating in career and community development opportunities.

ypB is a program of LEAD Brevard, which began in 2004 to address our county’s need to better attract and retain the YP demographic.

The program is comprised of young adults between the ages of 21 and 40 from throughout Brevard, representing a wide variety of both the public and private business sectors.

Why does ypB exist?

Brevard County, like many regions and cities throughout the U.S. is competing to attract young, talented individuals. As more baby-boomers begin to retire and there are less people of the next generation to take their place in the workforce, the need to attract the YP demographic is more important than ever to our economic and social landscape.

We found through some pretty thorough research with a company called Next Generation Consulting that Brevard needed a program that could not only create the atmosphere that was attractive to YPs, but also help employers, organizations and governments understand the value that having a welcoming community, with plenty to do and a great quality of life has to those looking for jobs and deciding where they want to live.
YPs pick a place to live first, and then decide on where they want to work.

Who is in ypB?

We have people from all walks and professions in our membership. They include those in their first career job and those who have established their careers. We have teachers, public safety personnel, lawyers, and professors. Members are people working in finance, real estate, insurance and professional services, retail, the high tech industries, NASA and Kennedy Space Center, our local governments and nonprofit organizations.

What does it take to become a member and what do I get?

Membership is open to any young professionals living or working in Brevard County. The fee is $50.00 per year and includes admission to Leadership Before/After Hours events at the member rate. YpB members have the opportunity to expand their network and connect with LEAD Brevard members at Leadership After Hours and other LEAD Brevard events.

Membership also entitles you to member rates for LEAD Brevard programs and special events.

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