Community Acceleration Projects

LEAD Brevard’s flagship program, Leadership Brevard is in its 37th year of achieving excellence in leadership in Brevard County by “working together to strengthen our community by inspiring people to lead”.
The program goals of the Leadership Brevard program are:

  • Community Education:  gain a greater understanding of Brevard County
  • Relationships:  build long-term bonds with class members
  • Network: connect and engage the Leadership Brevard class with the alumni network and community leaders

In addition to our programming, all Leadership Brevard class members are required to participate in a community project. These projects are designed to be a leadership learning experience for the participants and a meaningful benefit to the community organization. During its history, Leadership Brevard, the flagship community leadership program of LEAD Brevard, has organized, guided, and overseen the successful completion of over 192 Community Acceleration Projects (formerly known as: Leadership Action Projects). In recent years, the Leadership Brevard class has contributed over 2,600 annual volunteer service hours to the community with an in-kind impact of over $66,118* to Brevard. Over 35 years, economic impact totals are over $1.8M!!

(*The Value of Volunteer Time, the Independent Sector 2019)

LEAD Brevard is NOW accepting project proposals from Brevard County’s nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations and Brevard County’s municipalities for consideration as a Community Acceleration Project for the Leadership Brevard Class of 2023, proposals are due to LEAD Brevard by Friday, July 8, 2022. 

Project proposals should be designed with the understanding that the Leadership Brevard class is comprised of talented and professionally accomplished individuals.  We seek projects with clearly defined end goals that utilize the skills of 7 – 10 team members, with different skills and experience and that will benefit an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency or public sector organization.   Project duration: October 2022 – April 2023.

** NEW for 2023** As part of the process, there may be projects that are suitable to be led and managed by a team(s) of Leadership Brevard alumni (instead of current class members).  If you think your project may suit this option, please indicate that in your narrative; otherwise, the Review Committee may make this recommendation and/or offer that alternative. 

Class of 2022 Community Acceleration Project Summaries

Project Timeline: October 2021 – April 2022

CLICK HERE to watch presentations from May 5, 2021

  • “Building Community with Brevard’s Historical Cultural Resources 5-year Master Plan” Museums of Brevard (MOB)

While several of the larger MOB organizations are well known throughout the county, the public at large

knows little about the other historical cultural resources available to enjoy and to teach their children. By banding together, we hoped to elevate the visibility of all MOB members to enrich the lives of residents and visitors of Brevard County. This Plan, and the subsequent actions taken to execute the Plan, will take the MOB to the next level and allow us to serve many more in the community.

While several of the larger MOB organizations are well known throughout the county, the public at large

knows little about the other historical cultural resources available to enjoy and to teach their children. By banding together, we hoped to elevate the visibility of all MOB members to enrich the lives of residents and visitors of Brevard County. This Plan, and the subsequent actions taken to execute the Plan, will take the MOB to the next level and allow us to serve many more in the community.

The primary outcome goal of this project is to produce an executable MOB 5-year Plan for the future that leads the MOB members to further inspire and support the community. Objectives include Leadership Brevard and MOB participants identifying opportunities, partners, and creative methods across the avenues. The objectives will be measured by the quantity and quality of the suggestions in each avenue, along with the ability of the lead for that avenue to produce the desired results.


  • “U.N.I.T.Y – Undoing Negative Influences in Today’s Youth” Diversity of Thought, Inc.

Outcomes include building a program that helps youth in Brevard County acknowledge, understand, identify, and explain what diversity equity and inclusion is.  With that knowledge, create a system that recognizes and rewards them for their leadership efforts in making Brevard County a more inclusive environment for our kids.

We believe the impact the project will have are the following:
 – a reduction in bullying.
– an increase in leadership skills for those who attend the program.
 – a more equitable community where our children can be the example.


  • “Create the Elevate Brevard Student Advisory Council” Family Promise of Brevard

Elevate Brevard: Cocoa is a collaboration of community partners working together to elevate the lives
of Cocoa residents by increasing their access to post-secondary educational opportunities and
sustainable employment. Launched in 2020, the partnership is part of the Florida College Access Network (FCAN) and utilizes a collective impact model to identify and assist households living below
the Federal Poverty Level, as well as those in the ALICE population, or “working poor,” as defined by
the United Way. The goal is to increase college and credential attainment rates while closing employer skills gaps and elevating families out of poverty. The plan is to start with the City of Cocoa and eventually roll out collaborative strategies for all of Brevard County. In early 2021, Family Promise of Brevard became the ‘backbone’ organization of Elevate Brevard. As part of our LCAN initiatives, we would like to develop a Student Advisory Council to bring the voice of college students into the collaborative strategic process. We believe the CAP team will be instrumental in helping develop and host a student engagement and advisory council process. Their feedback could help shape the future strategies our LCAN develops and implements to assist individuals in Cocoa with gaining key supports to achieve housing and economic mobility.

This project is part of a Legacy Project that started in 2017 to address the growing rate of homelessness in Brevard County. This 6th project in the legacy is a continuation of the most recent CAP team project: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Brevard – Phase 2.0 that identified and surveyed Cocoa area stakeholders regarding strengths and barriers that residents face as they attempt to achieve social mobility. Family Promise of Brevard has utilized this important information as we continue working to relocate our base of operations into Cocoa to collaborate closely with community entities to address the root causes of housing and economic instability.


  • “Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge (ACNWR) Interpretive Kiosks” Friends of the Carr Refuge (FOCR)

The ACNWR is the largest nesting site in the world for loggerhead sea turtles as well as the largest nesting site in the state of Florida for green sea turtles. The ACNWR is also unique in that it is a mosaic of lands managed by federal, state, and county governments as well as nonprofit organizations. The Refuge extends from Indialantic FL to Wabasso FL. However, since the ACNWR does not have trails or a visitor’s center like most other wildlife refuges, most of the visitors and many of the residents, never realize that they are within the refuge boundaries nor do they know the importance of the beaches for sea turtle reproduction. Many people also engage in behaviors that disturb or even endanger the health of the nesting sea turtles. By installing interpretive kiosks, we can inform visitors of the importance of the refuge and the proper behaviors that will protect the sea turtles nesting. The objectives will be to create a survey for beach visitors to evaluate the public’s knowledge of the ACNWR and sea turtle nesting. Group members will organize volunteers to execute the survey at various beach locations, then compile the results. Using these results, group members will work with FOCR to design text and a draft layout for multiple kiosk signs to be created by local artist, Dawn Witherington. Group members will then organize volunteers to install the kiosks at approx. 13 locations within ACNWR.


  •  “Sharing the Wealth, the Ins and Outs of Thrift Shops” The Haven for Children, Recycle Brevard and the Central Brevard Humane Society

A pilot project to create a tool connecting Brevard non-profit thrift stores with other organizations that can use, rather than dump excess donations. (Excess donations being anything donated to the thrift store that they cannot use due to space constraints, unsaleable condition, merchandise that does not fit the mission, et al). Every day in Brevard County the numerous non-profit thrift stores receive, literally, tons of donations. 

This CAP will involve working with the volunteers who work in the thrift stores to determine:

  • What kind of excess donations they receive and what in what volume?
  • Of that excess – what items are needed by other non-profits?
  • What items, for example scrap metal, can be sold to possibly raise additional funds?
  • Other avenues to responsibly recycle unusable items.

A CAP team will involve two efforts:  Research on the type of excesses and the amounts being donated at thrift stores operated by The Haven for Children (The Lamb Shoppe) and Brevard Humane Society (4 Molly Mutt Thrift Shops), and Establishment of a database or list of companies or individuals that have a need for the items that are filling the dumpsters or other ways that the items might be recycled (example: Recycle Brevard and Terracycle)


  • “Serving Those Who Serve” Hospitality Life

Develop a marketing campaign to let Brevard County know who we are and what we do.  Hospitality Life was formed in 2016 to serve the local food and beverage industry on a grass roots level.  Over the last five years, a web site has been developed as a resource; the NPO has fed unemployed workers during the pandemic of 2020, has a service to provide financial resources for those in the F & B industry and have launched the only Florida Chapter of Bens Friends, a national drug & alcohol recovery group.   Improving the quality of life for people who work in this industry will have a priceless ripple effect throughout our community.

Specific goals include collecting data on Brevard’s hospitality industry, and creating a marketing strategy to:
 – build overall awareness of Hospitality Life
 – develop methods of communicating with hotel,  restaurant and bar owners and operators
 – develop methods of communicating with hospitality industry employees and
 – develop methods of building the awareness of Ben’s Friends and the benevolence opportunities for our local hospitality industry


  • “Reflecting Life, Love and Compassion Podcast Series” Francis REFLECTIONS Lifestage Care (SFR)

Leadership Brevard project members will work with SFR to develop an 8-episode podcast program providing practical, spiritual, and emotional strategies that uplift and strengthen community members who are experiencing illness and loss.  Project members will utilize leadership skills in the area of project management, networking, administration, and program development to create this podcast series.  Project members will lend their expertise in the areas of podcast development and production, virtual platforms, topic driven educational planning, interviewing and script writing.  Project members will also collaborate with community partners and SFR physicians, chaplains, social workers and nurse practitioners to develop content for the various podcast featured topics.

The goal of this project is to write, record and release 4 podcasts to SFR media sources throughout the project timeline.  These podcasts will be recorded with our staff (the experts) and will be shared through our various media sources and social media as they come available. 

This project is in need of writers, collaborators, and those with technical knowledge of the elements of podcast production.  Content will need to be crafted in conjunction with SFR staff to facilitate thorough discussion with precise clinical knowledge.  Empathy to the processes of serving the demographics of SFR is also a necessity, as these topics may be very sensitive in nature and may also include an overlap of clinical disciplines. 


  • “Express to Success – A Solution for Transportation Issues Faced by At-Risk Young Adults” Ready for Life Brevard, Inc. (RFLB)

Ready for Life Brevard, Inc. provides High-Fidelity, Trauma-Informed Wraparound Services through a network of supports, resources, and guidance – all available under one roof – to engage and empower at-risk youth to create an Individual Success Plan to avoid homelessness, substance abuse and crime. Our drop-in center serves homeless youth, unaccompanied youth, and former foster youth, ages 15-25. 95% of the clients, who we refer to as members, are victims of crime – most commonly sexual abuse or human trafficking. 30% of our members have special needs and 20% have dependent children.

The members served by this project are in dire need of transportation support, during the seven-month project period, Express to Success will create a plan to resolve transportation problems for Ready for Life Brevard Members.

RFLB members have some or all of the following transportation needs: Employment; Counseling and Mentor Meetings; Doctor Appointments; Shopping for Essentials; All Activities offered at RFLB; Therapeutic Boxing & Self Defense Classes; All other activities deemed necessary by RFLB staff – such as an appointment with DMV or Social Security office.

Leadership Brevard CAP participants will examine options and assist to implement the best solutions to fill the transportation needs of members. A combination of multiple options is likely to yield the most effective results in satisfying the long-term transportation needs of our members.




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